Low rise residential

Low-rise-residentialIn the days of high rise buildings and skyscrapers one can still find a number of low rise residential structures today even all across Ontario. Most of these low rise residential structures are having around 2 to 11 floors. The height of these structures also varies likewise from 8 to 35 m. Maintenance is a problem when it comes to managing a number of floors in the building. We, at RHH Construction, have a history when it comes to maintaining low rise residential structures. We provide all the services that the buildings will require.

Why Prefer Low Rise Residential Structures?

Some of the reasons residents prefer the low rise residential buildings are:

  • Low Cost: Low rise residential structures typically have relatively low unit costs due to their owners’ limited purchasing power.
  • High Privacy: Because of the conventional requirements of interior privacy and the comparatively higher cost of windows compared to opaque walls, most low-rise residential buildings have minimal transparent openings in their outdoors. Windows conventional wooden frames are often covered in extruded vinyl or aluminum cladding, and frames made entirely of extruded aluminum are common.
  • Less Time to Build: These buildings like the high-rise ones take less time to reach its finishing stages. This because a huge part of the buildings is prefabricated (i.e. built in factories and transported to the locations)
  • Easier to Handle Emergencies: Any emergencies such as fires are easier to handle in low rise residential structures. A small unit of firemen and possibly a single fire-engine can accomplish this.

Low rise residential buildings are in vogue as they offer a number of advantages such as cost effectiveness, and more privacy. We, at RHH constructions, help you locate, buy, or lease such buildings. We also help you with the maintenance part of the buildings.

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